Holiday rentals - Cleaning service

The cleaning of holiday properties is always different than that of privately owned properties. When cleaning holiday homes, our cleaners clean everything, empty the fridge, change all the beds, clean everything up, dispose of dirt that the tenants may have left, etc.

Again you can choose what exactly it is you want from our cleaning team.

While cleaning holiday villas and apartments, it is always very important that all cleaning is completed in time for the next tenants. It is also possible for tenants to check-out in the morning, and that same day the next tenants are due to arrive. This, for the cleaners of Complete Home Care, is no problem.

If there are any limitations on the time we have to clean your property, we will guarantee everything is clean and ready for your next tenants by increasing the number of cleaners to either 2 or 3.

For cleaning holiday villas and apartments, we always make an appointment with the owner of the house. We then discuss your needs and note clearly the change-over days of your property in order to make a plan for the most appropriate cleaning days.
Our cleaners clean everything, also change all the bedding.
We also know that the planning of the bills for tenants can change from day to day, so we are also very flexible. If you know the dates of their staying time in advance, we appreciate that you already pass this information on to us, then we can plan the cleaning and possible key transfers. But when a last-minute booking comes in, we can still arrange that for you, that's no problem at all. We have a whole team available to ensure that everything runs smoothly.

All this is possible in the region from Villajoyosa to Altea.

For more information about the cleaning of your holiday home, click here.
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