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If you have a second home on the Spanish Costa Blanca, it is very common that your home is uninhabited for a short or longer period. When you are staying abroad it is nice to know that there is someone in Spain who can keep an eye on your home while you’re away.

that you have a home in a country with a warm climate; then there are increased chances of legionella, small pests, etc. To prevent this, it is necessary that the building is aired on a regular basis and that cranes are opened to refresh the pipes.

If you want, we can even empty the mailbox for you and we will keep you informed if there happens to be any urgent mail If you wish we can also forward the mail to your residence. A full mailbox gives the impression that the house is empty and this will increase the risk of burglary.

We also check your property for vermin, that way you won’t have any nasty surprises awaiting you upon your return to Spain.

When we visit your home for an inspection we also look after the entire property for any defects, both inside and outside. If deficiencies are found, we will inform you and if you like, we can also have any problems solved and/or repaired.

You can trust us for the property management of your house in and around Altea.
We can even water any plants that are both inside and outside. That way you can enjoy a beautiful green garden on your return to your home on the Costa Blanca.

Upon inspection we will also see if all major electrical appliances such as refrigerators, freezers, alarm systems etc are all working correctly.

Spain is a country with generally very good weather, but sadly not every day is sunny, not even on the Costa Blanca. We may have to endure the occasional storm and rain. If that is the case we will arrange a visit to your home to see if there is any damage. When this happens we will take pictures for yourself and for your insurance company. Upon your approval, we can also repair any damage due to a storm etc. and arrange for your property to be properly cleaned.

After each visit to your property we will keep you informed about our findings by email. If there are any defects or irregularities, we will call you while we are on site. we can also easily send pictures with Whatsapp.

We can also ensure that your home looks flawless again by offering a cleaning or even a great spring cleaning before your return to Spain.

Complete Home Care prepares a "tailor-made management contract" together with you, so that all your wishes are met.

All this is possible in the region from Villajoyosa to Altea.

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