Holiday rentals - Key management

You can also count on Complete in-Home Care for key management. That means we receive the keys from your holiday property from the tenants leaving the house and we will then give them to the new tenants.

In this way, the tenants in your villa or apartment also have direct contact with us and they know that they can always reach someone on site if there are any questions or problems during their stay in Spain.

We can also give the tenants of your holiday villa or apartment a personal tour through the house or apartment and we can provide them with explanations when needed, including how the alarm works or air conditioning, etc.

At the departure of the guests we check the property to see if the guests have left everything in good condition. If there are any defects you will be immediately informed about this. Thanks to this system, the tenants also get the feeling that everything is being controlled and checked on, and often treat your property much better because they know that we are going to check this. If you have an inventory list available we can go over it, otherwise we simply check everything, whether everything is still there, and whether everything was left behind in good condition by the tenants.
We give and receive the keys from your holiday property from the tenants that are coming and leaving.
If you are looking for a company for key management of your property on the Costa Blanca then trust is of the utmost importance. Therefore we would like to make an appointment to meet you and we can also take a note of your requests and make up an agenda.

If there are no tenants in your holiday property we can still manage the keys to your home so you can contact us if anyone else needs to be in the house. For example, if someone needs to enter the property in order to repair the air conditioning or clean the heating... We ensure that we are present at the desired time in your house or apartment to let these people in and we will wait until they are done, so we can make sure everything is correctly locked up. That way there is always someone in your house or apartment and you do not need to give your key to a stranger.

Even if your house is not rented out all year and you still wish for regular inspections to be made to make sure everything is OK, then you can rely on Complete Home Care.

All this is possible in the region from Villajoyosa to Altea.

If you want more information about property management, click here.
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