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Many families nowadays have a very busy and sometimes even stressful life. Both husband and wife are working, children must be taken care of, etc. Often, there remains little or no time for housework, like cleaning, ironing, shopping, etc.

Complete Home Care can make a suitable plan to take over as many or as little of these tasks as you like. Together, we can create a plan tailored to your needs and budget.

So you can rely on our cleaning services with very professional and reliable cleaners. Our ironing service will take over all your ironing with great care and pleasure. This can be done either at your home or collected and returned to you. If you want, we can also make sure that all the shopping is done and that your fridge is full when you come home after a busy day.

Even if you want to have someone to take over only a part of your domestic workload, we can help you. For example, if you hate cleaning the windows, our cleaning lady Would be happy to help. Even if you are looking for someone who takes over the weekly cleaning of your home, that is no problem for the cleaners of Complete Home Care. Perhaps you’re looking for someone to help you with the spring-clean? We can help!

This service is available in the area between Villajoyosa and Altea.
Cleaning services in and around Altea with very professional cleaners.
Please contact us if you are looking for a cleaning lady or other domestic help.

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Housekeeping or cleaning assistance for your private home.